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Fed up with looking into your phone but still wanting to connect?

Wary of being pigeonholed into one "camp" when you could connect with mothers of all ages and stages, backgrounds and goals, interests and stories? We feel the same way.

That's why we've created a printed magazine FOR Catholic moms and BY Catholic moms.  

The Catholic Mom promotes quality of life and connects a community of women across the country…without making them spend more time online.

The happiest corner of the mom world is coming 2022!




Family Features

Read stories from other moms—the mountain peeks and valleys of marriage, faith, parenting, professional development, and home.

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Discover the best schools, clothes, books, and supplies and support great businesses and institutions.

Quality Content

Career spotlights, recipes, book reviews, shopping, faith, the calendar, everything, it's all here.

It's free.

✓ The Catholic Mom is totally free, but subscriptions are limited.

✓ Only Catholic moms can subscribe and only 3,000 subscriptions are available. 

✓ Get on the mailing list while you can.


It's private.

✓ No more staring into a phone.

✓ No more social media.

✓ Everything about the Catholic Mom is real, you can hold every issue in your hands.

✓ And it's exclusive to the moms who subscribe.


Together really is better. 

At the Catholic Mom we know you are the kind of people who want to live with joy, peace, and abundance. In order to be that way, it helps to get inspiration and hear stories from other women on the same journey.

The problem is that the usual way to do that is online, which makes you feel irritable and distracted. Not to mention you're always looking into your phone.

We believe that it is just plain wrong that anybody should have scroll through a newsfeed just to find encouragement or a breath of fresh air. Yet we understand that it’s important to read and grow and to stay connected. That’s why we publish a real monthly magazine exclusive to Catholic moms.

Here’s how it works. Women from around the country submit stories, photos, ideas, recipes, book reviews, and so much more. Then every month we curate, edit, publish, and mail this private magazine to your doorstep for free. Issues are limited so subscribe while you can so you can read the Catholic Mom magazines, share them with friends, and collect them on your coffee table.

Many women who get the Catholic mom will feel like they found hope. And we believe they have. But none of that feeling of hope amounts to anything without execution. The Catholic Mom is designed to be one more tool to help you live your best life in Christ and in community.

By Catholic moms, for Catholic moms

Connect with other women on the same journey, juggling the same crazy beautiful life you are.